Social Commitment

Renewable Energies to achieve a natural balance

Promoting Renewable Energies and using such renewable energy is an essential measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that concern us so much.

In Biobroker we are committed to a sustainable system for the commercialization and valorisation of our products and we are fully aware of the importance of eliminating the risk posed by waste, both in domestic and industrial use.

Compromiso Social


The use of Biogas, a combustible gas generated in natural environments by biodegradation reactions of organic matter, is a use of Renewable Energy that we promote and we collaborate in its manufacture for subsequent use.

We also highlight cogeneration as a procedure by which electrical and thermal power is obtained from renewable energy sources (waste, biogas …)

Finally, we see in the use of Biodiesel an ideal solution as ecological fuel since it has great environmental benefits. That is why Biobroker works directly and closely in its manufacture.

  • The use of biodiesel reduces toxic and polluting vehicle emissions
  • The production of biodiesel may be an alternative to the use of agricultural land that may otherwise be condemned to desertification. It is necessary to protect land with high biodiversity value or high carbon stock (primary forests, grasslands, areas of ​​High Conservation Value (HCVAs).
  • Environmental responsibility is necessary to protect our soil, water and air.
  • Biobroker S.L. extends an invitation to comply with applicable laws and relevant international treaties, as well as good management practices and commitment to continuous improvement.