Our natural future

Our objective is the commitment of a correct management of environmentally sustainable waste

Our products

We give a new life to residues of plant and animal origin

Industrial Vegetable Waste

We guarantee a strong system of traceability in accordance with European regulations.

Used Cooking Oil

Exclusive collection service for used oils and waste management for individuals and companies.

Environmental Protection

We rely on the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification for the sustainability of raw materials and products

Our products

We give new life to waste of plant and animal origin


Why choose us?

BIOBROKER S.L. was established in 2007, founded on a lifetime of experience in the sector. Over 30 years vouch strongly for us in the sector of vegetable oils, used oils and animal fat.

Today we are now closely linked and rigorously committed to Renewable Energies.

Promoting the use of Renewable Energies as a way of respecting the environment and working in the field of sustainability are undoubtedly our guiding principles in BIOBROKER SL

What can we offer you?

Management of Industrial Vegetable Waste

Strong traceability system in accordance with European regulations

Gestión de aceite de cocina usado

Used Cooking Oil Management

Exclusive collection service for used oils for individuals and companies.



We give new life to waste of plant and animal origin.